Slitherlink ProSlitherlink Pro

Play the addictive logic puzzle Slitherlink on your mobile device or PC.

The goal of Slitherlink is to draw a single loop on a grid that does not branch or cross itself.
Draw the loop by setting lines on the grid.

Some cells in the grid have numbers inside.
The number indicates how many of its sides are segments of the loop.


  • 4 grid shapes (square, hexagon, triangle, rectangle);
  • 4 difficulty levels (easy – very hard);
  • heaps of different grid sizes;
  • unlimited number of puzzles.

Tools for easy solving:

  • bookmarks;
  • coloured lines;
  • unlimited undo and redo;
  • instant error indication;
  • zoom and pan.

Game Levels:

Slitherlink Pro is suitable for everyone.
There are small and easy grids for beginners and kids, huge one for experts and lots of sizes, grids and difficulty levels in between.
Get Slitherlink now and start squeezing your brain – it’s addictive.

Slitherlink Facts:

Slitherlink is also known as Fences, Takegaki, Loop the Loop, Loopy, Ouroboros, Suriza and Dotty Dilemma.
The rules can also be found on our website www.slitherlinkpro.com.
More Information about Slitherlink is available on Wikipedia.

Get Slitherlink Pro:

Slitherlink Pro is available for iPhone, iPad, Windows Phone and Windows 10 computers.

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