KeypaKeypa - Data Safe & Messenger

Keypa is an All-in-One encryption solution for mobile devices and Windows PCs.

Keypa keeps your sensitive data securely protected. On your local devices - in transfer - on the server.

With top-secure AES and RSA end-to-end encryption all messages and data are stored securely encrypted.
Servers are located in Germany.

Even we as the server operator have absolutely no way to access your data and messages.

Safe Data Safe
  • Store logins, passwords, bank data and other sensitive data.
  • Save files, photos, audios recordings and videos.
  • Create secure passwords with the password generator.
  • Flexible to organize.
  • Automatic backup.
  • Synchronize between devices.
  • Share with other users.
Mailbox Encrypted Mail
  • Send secure messages.
  • Attach photos, videos, audio and files.
  • Create group chats - add new members at any time.
  • Share data from your Data Safe .
  • Send & receive emails.
  • Get up to 3 free email addresses.
Browser In-App-Browser
  • Follow links from your data safe.
  • Directly fill in logins and passwords.
  • Download images, documents, videos and entire websites.
  • Automatically delete cookies or history.
  • Currently available for Android.
Sync Easy Synchronization
  • Automatically sync between your devices.
  • Keep encrypted backup on Keypa server.
  • Incremental sync (Only changed data get synced):
        + low data traffic
        + quick sync
        + flawless Box sharing
Security Top Security
  • Keypa uses highly secure standardized AES-256 and RSA-2048 encryption.
  • Your Master-Passphrase is not stored anywhere.
  • Only you can decrypt your data.
  • Servers are located in Germany.
  • Your data is kept encrypted at any time.
    On your device. In transfer. On the servers.


For further information please email us at support@terrapocket.com. We are here to help.