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Tree Data keeps your private data secure on your android device.
All data are AES-256 encrypted.

The Tree Data structure is very versatile. Like in many commonly used file systems Tree Data can create flexible tree structures in any needed depth.

Key Features:

  1. Encryption: All data are encrypted with Advanced Encryption Standard AES-256. Even if somebody steals or copies your device or SD Card, they’ll be unable to read the data stored in Tree Data.
  2. Auto-Lock: Tree Data automatically locks when your device goes into sleep mode or after the set unlock time.
  3. Easy import: Select data from file system or gallery or add new photos, videos and audio recordings directly in Tree Data.
  4. Download: Use Tree Data’s integrated browser to download data directly from the web.
  5. Export: Decrypt and export single items or all saved data at once. Various export formats available.

Store various kind of data:

  • Text
  • Photos
  • Videos
  • Files
  • Websites
  • Audio recordings (free audio plugin required)

Integrated browser:

  • Follow saved links.
  • Fill in saved logins and passwords.
  • Download images, documents and videos.
  • Make websites available offline.
  • Tree Data can delete cookies and history automatically.

Security and Safety:

  • All data are kept secure with AES-256 encryption.
  • Passphrase and encryption keys are not stored anywhere.
  • Your data are kept solely on your device.
  • Only you as the holder of the passphrase can access your data.


Privacy is important to us. We don’t connect your data with any kind of device ID, email address or similar. Your data is kept on your device only.

Get Tree Data:

Tree Data is available from Google Play .

Android app on Google Play

Tree Data Plug-ins:

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If you want to do recordings in Tree Data, please get the Audio-Plug-in.

Both plug-ins are available from Google Play and Amazon.
Within Tree Data tap the app icon. Select "info" and tap the icon of the plug-in you want to install.

Compatibility with Keypa:

Tree Data files are 100% compatible with Keypa Data Safe and Messenger. To open your Tree Data file in Keypa, select "Box - Other Box - Open" from app navigation.


For further information please email us at support@terrapocket.com. We are here to help.

Have a look - Screenshots:

Tree Tree Tree Tree Tree