TerraPocket~Wiki in Detail

TerraPocket~Wiki brings Wikipedia and 8 sister projects on your Smartphone: Enter a search term and click the binocular icon - TerraPocket~Wiki shows the results:
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Click a search result to display it online - optimized for your mobile device - including images and mathematical expressions.
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The displayed pages are also added to your local cache file, and are available offline for future use.


You can also download an article with just one click via the crawler function. The Crawler does up to 10 parallel downloads in the background. You can read or find other articles at the same time.

Local Cache File / Article Collection

It is just one click to open your local cache file with all your downloaded Wiki-Articles.
Read your articles whenever you want. It is so easy to get all or some of the linked articles using the Crawler. With TerraPocket~Wiki it is very easy to get your own local article collections, including images.
TerraPocket~Wiki offers the advantages of several well established Mobile Browsers, makes all articles available offline and makes it easy to create general and themed article collections. It is easy to handle, makes it easy to take advantage of cheap internet connection whenever available and working with the original Wikipedia it guarantees always having the latest articles available.

Interested in more information about these functions? Have a look at our Help Pages.