Data Vault Help

Data Vault saves all your data securely encrypted using AES-256 encryption.
Easily add records and attachments.

Data is grouped in categories.
A number to the right indicates the number of records within the category.
Tap a category to see its records or use Find to search.
Tap a record to select.

To add a category to favorites, tap Star.
To add a new category, use Menu + "Add category".
Select from a pre-defined category or create your own.

To duplicate, edit or delete a category, long tap the category.
To change the size of a list, use pinch and zoom.

Add Record

To add a new record, select a category.
Tap +.
Enter your data. To create extra fields, use Menu - Add field.
For attachments, tap paperclip.
To save current record, use save or tap "Back".
The Password Generator creates strong passwords: Menu - Password Generator.

Note: The header field of a record must not be empty.

Change Record Icon

To change the record icon, tap it (displayed below the record) and select a different one.
To make an attached image the icon, long tap the image - tap "as icon".

Display or Edit Record

Within each category you see a list of its records. A number next to a record indicates attachments.

Tap a record to display it.
To change the color of an icon, long tap the icon. Tap again for the third color. To select a different icon, edit the record.

Tap pen to edit. To save changes tap the "Back".
Long tap a record to duplicate or delete.

Delete Record

To delete a record either display the record and use Bin or long tap in category and select "delete".

Move / Copy: The Stack

The stack is the internal clipboard of Data Vault. To add an element to the stack: Long tap and select "To stack" or use stack_in.
Repeat for as many records or attachments as you like.

To paste elements, select your target and tap stack_out "Stack".

Use clipboard/scissors to switch between "Copy" and "Copy".
Tap the "Copy" or "Copy" button.

Greyed out elements cannot be moved/copied to the selected position.


If ticked, elements get automatically removed from stack once moved or copied.

Exclude elements

To exclude an element from being moved/copied, tap its icon.
Also use the following icons to (de-)select items.
invert "Invert selection"
all "Select all"
none "Select none"

Empty Stack

Tap broom "Empty stack" to empty the stack.

*) Adding an element to the stack creates just a link between stack and element.
Only when you tap "Move" on the stack screen the element gets removed from its original positon.

Edit Category

To edit a category tap pencil within category or long tap category name in overview.

To change the icon of the category, tap it.
The category name located next to the icon can be edited.
Fields of the category are listed below. You can add new fields Feld+ or edit existing A Stift. To see all properties, tap arrow_down:
Multiline: field accept line breaks.
Parse: Data Vault checks field for URLs and email addresses.
Find: content is found when using Find.
Web: field is provided in Data Vault browser (Network Plug-in required).
Empty: field is visible in display mode when empty.
Individual field: is ticked when you added a field for an individual record. Untick to use for all records.
The hint for field is displayed within the field in edit mode when empty.
To delete a field, tap X. To revert, tap stack_out BE CAREFUL: As soon as you save your changes by tapping save or the "Back", the field content in ALL records is deleted.
Every category contains 2 fields you can't change: "Title" and "Notes". To save changes, tap the Back button or Menu Save or use delete to discard.

Backup your data

Currently there is no "backup procedure" implemented in Data Vault.
But as Data Vault keeps your data securely encrypted with AES-256, you can backup to a cloud service of your choice or copy files onto your computer.

For server backup upgrade to Keypa - encrypted mail and data.


Data Vault stores all your data AES-256 encrypted. Your passphrase is not stored anywhere to keep access to your data solely in your hands. Data Vault does not need any permissions. Several Plug-ins are available from the market for extra functionality that needs permissions. You only have to install it if you want to use the feature.

If you have any further questions please send us an email to support@terrapocket.com. We are here to help.